This electrifying storm chase vehicle is a Ford Escape Turbo. When chasing storms, our vehicles are put to the test due to the adverse weather conditions. Due to this, our vehicle needs the proper safety equipment.  This vehicle is equipped with: ABS traction control, curtain airbags, knee airbags, passenger airbag, front fog/driving lights, and stability control.  Other features include: wireless phone connectivity, heated seats, heated mirrors, and of course what every storm chaser needs for long drives, satellite radio!

The other benefit to this vehicle is the excellent gas millage it receives. While traveling thousands of miles every storm chasing season, not only is it important to have a vehicle that provides many safety features, but gets good gas millage. This vehicle receives 23mpg city and 33mpg highway, making for the most fuel efficient storm chasing vehicle.

Due to the long hours spent traveling, it is also important to have a vehicle that is roomy and has plenty of storage for our equipment, which this Escape has both. Overall, this Ford Escape is built for the elements, which makes it the ultimate Storm Hunter™.